BPF18 Instagram Project - This Photo Changed My Life

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#BPF18 Instagram Project


We are excited to launch our interactive Instagram project as part of this year’s Brighton Photo Fringe festival.

We believe photography changes everything. We want you to take part in the festival by sharing an image that changed your life.

It might be a selfie or a picture of a loved one; the first scan of a child; a photo of a new house; an image of someone who has died; a landscape that feels like home. It might be a photo in a newspaper of an event that changed the world, or a photo by an artist that has left a lasting impression. It can be happy, sad, profound or trivial. It will be a photo that made change happen.

Submissions are now open and will close on the final day of the festival, Saturday 27 October 2018. Submitted images will appear on our Instagram feed; on the Maxx Brighton Lights Screen on Queens Road, Brighton; at Phoenix Brighton and at our Closing Party at ACCA, University of Sussex.

Submit your photo to one of the following categories:

# who we are:

Photography is central to who we are and how we portray ourselves and those around us.

# what we do:

Photography does more than document what we’ve done; it shapes what we do.

# what we see:

Photography allows us to see what the human eye cannot, what lies outside our daily experiences, and determines what we choose to show to each other.

# where we go:

Photography enables us to see beyond the boundaries of everyday life in ways that were once unimaginable.

# what we want:

Photography powerfully shapes our needs and expresses desire.

# what we remember:

Photography influences and alters our relationship to history, memory and even death.


  • Submit one image that you believe ‘changed your life’
  • Include the title and author of the image (if applicable)
  • A short description of how the image changed your life
  • Let us know your Instagram profile (ie @yourinstagramname)
  • Send your photo as a.jpg file to info@photofringe.org with subject line: INSTAGRAM SUBMISSION


  • Post an image on your own Instagram account and make sure to tag @photofringe and use hashtag #ThisPhotoChangedMyLife

By taking part you agree to let Brighton Photo Fringe share your submitted image across our social media platforms within the context of BPF18. Please don't infringe on anyone else's copyright by posting your picture, if it is a photo belonging to someone else please ensure you have permission to post it first.

We look forward to seeing and sharing the images that changed your lives!

IMG © Kate O'Neill from The Precursor Project, November 2015. "This photograph was taken on 13th November 2015, the day of the Paris terrorist attacks, hours before the attacks occurred. The image, taken on on analogue camera, launched an ongoing photographic archive project looking at the documenting process of precursor moments to terrorist attacks - aiming to encourage social change through positive imagery."

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