Resources for Photo Fringe 2022 exhibitors

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Photo Fringe 2022 exhibitors can use the following resources to aid the promotion of their exhibitions and events.


png for online use:

Part of Photo Fringe 2022 transparent (stack)
Part of Photo Fringe 2022 transparent (single line)

eps for print use:
Part of Photo Fringe 2022 transparent (stack)
Part of Photo Fringe 2022 transparent (single line)

Photo Fringe 2022 turquoise hex colour #15DCDF
Instagram story background
Instagram grid-post background
(Photo Fringe 2022 Giphy stickers will we hope be available via Instagram soon)


A4 Photo Fringe 2022 festival poster
A3 Photo Fringe 2022 festival poster
(Venue number posters will be shared when registration closes)

Video Resources

How to produce and promote your exhibition and become your own digi-comms whiz
In this Photo Fringe Instagram reel, Kate O'Neill talks us through everything you'll need to know if you're staging an exhibition. Whether in-venue, or online, if you're exhibiting with us for Photo Fringe, or not - initially produced for our 2020 festival, Kate's fun, fact-packed presentation will leave you enthused and informed.
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Exhibiting photography online
In this Photo Fringe Instagram reel produced for Photo Fringe 2020 are some great ideas for how to approach presenting your work in an online exhibition. Artist, Alexandra Lethbridge shares her experience with Festival Director, Claire Wearn and offers some great tips for customising our templates and making your online Photo Fringe exhibition your own.
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Visitor Tally Sheet Photo Fringe 2022



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