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IMG MAIN THUMBNAIL: Hemera Collective BPF14

IMG MAIN ARTICTLE: Kay Watson, Hemera Colective, talk at ONCA BPF16


This October, Brighton Photo Fringe presents its eighth edition along the south east coast of England. One of the largest and most inclusive photography festivals in the UK, BPF18 takes inspiration from Marvin Heiferman’s 2012 book click! photography changes everything, a collection of original essays, stories and images that explore “the many ways photography shapes our culture and our lives”.

As part of the festival this year we are inviting early career curators to apply to a unique opportunity to develop their professional skills through a curators training programme that offers successful applicants hands on experience realising the Brighton Photo Fringe.

The BPF Emerging Curators Programme enhances participants’ career prospects, giving them the confidence to move forward in the competitive world of curating and provides them with a support network that they can build on into the future. A learning experience rarely found outside postgraduate curating courses, successful applicants will learn about how to devise and deliver an ambitious festival of photography exhibitions, events, workshops and screenings, while having the opportunity to attend an especially tailored programme of seminars by professionals who operate at the forefront of photography curatorial practice.

Up to three curators will be selected to:

  • Work with the BPF18 team to realise the Brighton Photo Fringe 2018 festival
  • Attend a series of seminars by professional photography curators
  • Work as a team to curate an event as part of Brighton Photo Fringe 2018
  • Support the installation at the BPF Collectives Hub at Phoenix
  • Support the installation at the BPF Hub at The Regency Town House
  • Assist the OPEN18 solo artist Sarah Howe on the installation of her exhibition at ONCA
  • Take part in selecting one festival exhibitor to win ‘Trainee Curators’ Favourite’ for the BPF Danny Wilson Memorial Award
  • Devise and lead guided tours of BPF18 exhibitions
  • Write a text on one of the BPF18 exhibiting artists to be published on the BPF website
  • Undertake audience evaluation surveys and analysis

A number of seminars will be held during October with leading photography experts. Trainees will be expected to be available for at least one day per week plus 8 days over the festival setting up period with an overall minimum commitment of 18 days. A small allowance of £100 is available for each trainee to cover expenses. (Please note: we are unable to provide accommodation or international travel).


You are:

  • an emerging and early career curator of any age
  • available for interview on Wednesday 22nd August 2018
  • available for at least one day per week from 28th August 2018 to 1st November 2018
  • available for 8 of the 11 days between 18th to 29th September 2018 for the BPF18 setting up period
  • available to work independently outside of this schedule
  • based in Brighton & Hove or the Sussex area

Deadline: 5pm, Monday 20th August 2018 SUBMISSIONS CLOSED

Send your application to:

Interviews: Wednesday 22nd August 2018

To apply please email:

  1. A covering letter (max 500 words) stating why you are interested in this opportunity, what relevant skills and experience you have and how this opportunity will benefit your professional development. You must demonstrate your ability to work as part of a team, excellent communication skills, an enthusiasm for both the conceptual and practical elements of the project and a willingness to learn. Please also confirm your availability to participate fully in this opportunity.
  2. Please write 500 words max on an idea for an event on the festival's theme of Photography Changes Everything, which aims to develop new ways of seeing together.

Contributors to the BPF Emerging Curators talks programme have included Kay Watson, Ben Burbridge, Daniel C Blight, Helen Cammock, Charlotte Cotton, Rebecca Drew, Helen Trompeteler, Catherine Troiano and Bindi Vora.

Previous BPF trainee curators said…

Ruby Rees-Sheridan:

“The BPF16 Trainee Curators programme is an invaluable opportunityto gain practical skills alongside thoughtful mentorship. A fantastic springboard into a career in the arts”

Sarah French:

“The BPF Trainee Curators programme surpassed my expectations atproviding a practical and collaborative experience of curating photography. Working together, with lots of support from the BPF team and other industry professionals, made it possible to curate a successful exhibition and events within a short time-frame; the programme has given me the confidence to curate exhibitions independently in the future.”

Edwin Coomasaru:

“I found the Brighton Photo Fringe’s curatorial training programme an invaluable experience. This unique opportunity of hands-on training for one of the UK’s most successful photography festivals is a must for anyone considering a career in curating.”

Lulu Evans:

“I found the whole experience very useful and learnt much more than I expected to...I feel it was an excellent opportunity overall and I am very grateful to have been selected, I gained an invaluable amount from it and met some incredible people through the process.“

Sunil Shah:

“We were given excellent mentoring and workshops and this helped us turnaround the workload fairly easily and within the timescale... Support and advice for us was always at hand from the project and technical teams. In this sense it was unique compared with other curatorial projects - I’ve never had so much support!”

Supported by Arts Council England through the National Lottery.

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