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BPF14 Collectives' Hub, Vantage Point, Brighton

BPF18 Collectives' Hub, Phoenix Brighton



This year we are hosting the Collectives' Hub at Phoenix Brighton, putting it at the very heart of our festival programme. We are now inviting submissions for nine available pods in the Hub.

The deadline for submissions is 15 August. DEADLINE EXTENDED 20 AUGUST. SUBMISSIONS CLOSED

There are nine available pods:

Pod 1: The first Hub, to the left of the entrance. L shape, total wall length 8.56m long (4.9m + 3.66m). Fee of £450

Pod 2: Opposite Hub 1, to the right of the entrance. L shape, total wall length 6.93 metres long (4.93 + 2m). Fee of £350

Pod 3: The next Hub in on the left. U shape with two walls, total wall length 7.32 metres long (3.66m + 3.66m) with a window in between. Fee of £350

Pod 4: Far left corner. U shape with 3 walls, total wall length 10.25 metres long ( 3.66m + 3.59m+ 2.70m). Projections possible. Fee of £500

Pod 5: Opposite Hub 4. L shape, total wall length 5.44 metres, (3m + 2.44m), the smallest hub. Fee of £300

Pod 6: Far right corner. U shape, total wall length 8.44 metres, (2.44m + 3m + 3m). Projections possible. Fee of £400

Pod 7: Right long wall. L shape, total wall length 8.44 metres (6m + 2.44m). Fee of £400

Pod 8: South wall. L shape, total wall length 9.93 metres (4.93m + 5m). Fee of £500

Pod 9: Back room. U shape, total wall length 8.1 metres (3.5m + 1.9m + 2.7m). This room is the most suitable for projections/sound. Fee of £500


To submit, please send an email to kate@photofringe.org with the subject COLLECTIVES HUB SUBMISSION.

For the purpose of this process we define Collective as a group of at least 3 artists.

Please include a statement no longer than two sides of A4 which includes:

  • Why your Collective should be selected?
  • What you propose to do in the space
  • The artists in your collective, short biogs and why and when the Collective was formed
  • How your proposal will engage audiences
  • Any events you plan to host, the dates and who these will appeal to.
  • Up to 8 low res images, this can include a plan of the installation or previous installation shots
  • In your email to Kate please state your top 3 preferred spaces, with reasons.

Fees cover the cost of building walls, technicians, and a small proportion of the hire fee for Phoenix Brighton. The rest is subsidised by with funding from the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

The selection panel will include Rebecca Drew, Chair, BPF; Karin Mori, Artistic Programme Manager, Phoenix Brighton, Kate O'Neill BPF18 Festival Manager and the Trainee Curators. Spaces will be allocated to make the Hub work as a whole and reflect the diversity of the sector. We are looking for innovative and high-quality work that is well communicated to audiences. We will allocate spaces and then discuss this with each Collective. For this reason we ask Collectives to submit as early as possible so that we can consider their allocation.

Deadline for submissions is 15 August.

You will be notified shortly after this. If you wish to apply for this opportunity and if not selected would put on your own exhibition we will extend the deadline for self-curated exhibitions for you.

You can view a plan of the space and allocated 'Collectives' Pods' below -

North Gallery Floor Plans for Collectives Hub at Phoenix

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