Projecting Power: Malak Hamdallah

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Malak Hamdallah, 21, an Egyptian photographer, trying to explore the power of writing with light. She is interested in conceptual photography and trying different photography techniques to invite viewers to see from a different perspective.

Solus is a photo series trying to explore the concept of dissonance, and the internal conflicts we face through life. My photography is inspired by different psychological states that are a result of constant dissonance. The photographs capture surreal scenes that portray the solitude of inner conflicts.

According to the theory of cognitive dissonance, humans recognise when they are acting in a way that is contradicting from their morals, and beliefs which results into a mental conflict when they participate in an action that goes against one or more of them. The recognition of this inconsistency of thoughts causes psychological stress that motivates us to either change our actions or rationalise our behaviour.



This work was published in the zine accompanying Photo Fringe 2020'sProjecting Power: Photography as Activism workshops for 16-21 year olds.

To find out more about the project and view more work from the zine, follow this link.

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