Exhibiting at Brighton Photo Fringe - Tips from the Professionals!

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Lyndsey Haskell talks us through the logistics of her exhibition 'My Emmaus' from BPF16

BPF18 | First Monday | 4 June 2018

Earlier this week we held the June installment of our ‘First Monday’ forum, where we discussed the practicalities of participating in this year's Photo Fringe festival, BPF18.

Gathered in our partner venue Phoenix, we heard from photographers and past Photo Fringe participants, including Lyndsey Haskell, Alex Bamford and Barry Falk. Throughout the talk they shared work from their previous exhibitions as well as vital advice for any artists interested in being involved with BPF18 this October.

Needless to say, it was a captivating and informative evening for all involved - but don’t fret if you missed it, we’ve compiled each of our speakers’ top five tips for planning and installing an exhibition.

Notebooks at the ready folks…

LYNDSEY HASKELL – Community photographer and content marketer, Showed at Emmaus, BPF16

- Do your own thing - don't feel like you have to create a super polished exhibition, be creative with what you can afford in times of money, energy and space.

- Think about what you are doing it for and have this in the front of your mind - e.g if you are hoping to raise awareness of a project or organisation, make this clear, or if you're looking for future collaborators/ clients, make it easy for them to find your contact details.

- Ask for help - your friends, peers and colleagues will be happy to help, whether narrowing down your long list of images, helping you with layouts and offering moral support when you are stressed out. The BPF team will be able to offer guidance and advice too.

- Give yourself enough time - however far in advance you plan, there will always be pressure in the last few days, especially as you install the work, something may not go exactly to plan. So make sure everything you can do in advance is done as early as possible.

- Tell people about it - be your own PR as well as finding those people who are your biggest fans and getting them to shout about your exhibition on your behalf. The Fringe brochure is a great way of people hearing about your exhibition but you need to make lots of your own noise too.

ALEX BAMFORD - Commercial and Portrait photographer, showed at Regency Town House, BPF16

- Have a theme

- Think outside the frame

- Showing or selling?

- Explain yourself

- Leave them something

BARRY FALK - Artist photographing urban spaces and peripheral landscapes, BPF14 and part of Map6 exhibition at ONCA, BPF16

- Have an idea (project) and be determined to show it

- Be flexible about where and how you could exhibit ~ in terms of space & type of exhibition ~ but show it well and publicise like mad

- Be opportunistic ~ join groups / hubs etc.

- Be busy when exhibiting ~ talks etc. See as much as you can at the festival and network

- Think ahead ~ be ambitious: what could I do next?

Our next First Monday event will take place on Monday 2 July and focus on Marketing your exhibition and event, fundraising, as well as further info on getting involved in this years fringe.

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