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Foundation Degree Students Year Two

Ella Bernhardt, Lucy Crascall, Niloufar Dadashnejad, Melissa Dokuyucu, Abbie Drake, Laura Drazek, Sophia Elliston, Trudy Furini, Samuel Geals, Sophie Graver, Zhuolin He, Callum Hendrie, Alice Hill, Rebecca Moody, Peter Tierney, Andrew Young, Georgina D'albiac Brewin

Students were set the task of producing a body of work that was a 'document' having relevance to the current social and political climate. They were asked to create work that questions the validity of a photographic 'document' critically engaging with ideas of photographic 'truth'.
Private View - 30th October 6:30pm


29 Oct–09 Nov
Mon-Fri 10:00-16:30
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14-17 Manchester Street